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[updated 02 December 2022]

Please note the following Biblical Books that will be examined for the MTC Entrance Exams later in 2023

  1. Old Testament Exam:        EZEKIEL
  2. New Testament Exam:      GOSPEL OF JOHN
  3. English Exam


The College releases its bi-annual newsletter I’uleo o le Maluapapa (The Echo of the Rock-Founded Malua) during the Fono Tele and at the Malua Graduation each year. Events and activities in the life and work of the College throughout the year are reported through these publications. The Samoan language is mostly used for these publications, although some reflections and news articles are written in English from time to time.


Malua Journal

The College continues to release its most recent edition of The Malua Journal during the Fono Tele each year, as a collection of articles and papers presented by members of the Faculty, during the annual Minister’s Fellowship, as well as at international conferences during the year. This annual publication predominantly in the Samoan language (with a few English entries) continues as a significant source of theological discourse and critical knowledge. 


Coming soon, stay tuned

For the publication SAMOA JOURNAL OF THEOLOGY (SJT) please follow the link provided


147th Malua Theological College
Prize-Giving 2021

Malua Theological College acknowledges with gratitude the following Prizes and Donors for its 147th Prize Giving in 2021

1Leaso & Faafetai Tupa’i PrizeLeaso & Faafetai Tupa’iTheology CoursesWomen’s studies
2Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeOld Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
3Angharad Saga & Fanau PrizeAngharad SagaNew Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
4Niulala & Loretta Kupa PrizeNiulala & Loretta Kupa  History CoursesWomen’s studies
5Lemau Pala’amo & Fanau PrizeAlesana & Lemau Pala’amo & FanauPractical Theology CoursesWomen’s studies
6Ramona Taipisia Leilua Memorial PrizeTaipisia & Vaisola Leilua & FanauTheology CoursesWomen’s studies
7Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeHistory CoursesWomen’s studies
8Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegePractical Theology CoursesWomen’s studies
9Torise Neemia & Fanau PrizeMakesi & Torise Neemia & FanauOld Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
10Siulepa Maulupe Puaina Memorial PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaNew Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
11Keilani & Mere Tagoa’i Memorial PrizeMelani & Ailini KeilaniHistory CoursesWomen’s studies
12Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaNew Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
13Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeOld Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
14Siaosi Ipiniu Memorial PrizeKara & Tuluiga Ipiniu & FanauPractical Theology CoursesWomen’s studies
15Maafala Limā PrizeMaafala LimāTheology CoursesWomen’s studies
16T. S & S. C PrizeMalifa & Sitaua MalifaOld Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
17Maria Samuelu PrizeMaria SamueluTheology CoursesWomen’s studies
18Fuarosa Maulolo PrizeFuarosa MauloloPractical Theology CoursesWomen’s studies
19Iosefa & Teki Uilelea PrizeIosefa & Teki UileleaHistory CoursesWomen’s studies
20Rita Eteuati PrizeRita Eteuati New Testament CoursesWomen’s studies
21Michiko Ete-Limā PrizeMichiko Ete-LimāGaluega Taulima: Tausaga 1Women’s studies
22Mafutaga Tina MTCMafutaga Tina MTCGaluega Taulima: Tausaga 2Women’s studies
23Tauvela Su’a PrizeTauvela Su’aGaluega Taulima: Tausaga 3Women’s studies
24Lalokava Limā Prize                                                         Lalokava LimāGaluega Taulima: Tausaga 4Women’s studies
25Rita Eteuati Prize                                                                 Rita EteuatiAlualu i luma i Galuega TaulimaWomen’s studies
26Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeIntroduction to the Old TestamentFoundation Year
27Uili & Letupu Seaga Memorial Prize                                  Afereti & Samata UiliHebrew Language I & IIFoundation Year
28Tiupita & Mane Leiataua Memorial Prize                          Alo & FanauIntroduction to the New TestamentFoundation Year
29Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeGreek Language I & IIFoundation Year
30Tuuau & Gogosina Sao Memorial Prize                                                Alo & FanauEarly Church HistoryFoundation Year
31Siolo & Merita Tauati PrizeSiolo & Merita TauatiIntroduction to Theology I & IIFoundation Year
32Reupena & Fuarosa Maulolo PrizeReupena & Fuarosa MauloloFoundations of Practical Theology Foundation Year
33Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeHomileticsFoundation Year
34Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeMedieval HistoryFoundation Year
35Ioritana Tanielu Prize                                                          Ioritana TanieluReformationBD-Hons
36Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeBTh
37Lealaiauloto Nofoaiga Memorial PrizeVaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga Pietism & RevivalsBD-Hons
38Tuiloma Aumua Aigofie & Fuatai Aumua Memorial PrizeTaipisia & Vaisola LeiluaBTh
39Tuliaupupu & Talaetau Limā Pala Memorial Prize Maafala & Lalokava LimāChristology and TrinityBD-Hons
40Mila & Faailoa Sapolu Memorial PrizeLeaupepetele Pale SapoluBTh
41Milo Faaleava Memorial PrizeTalamasinei Faaleava & FanauStudy of the TorahBD-Hons
42Peniamina Aumagamanaia Memorial Prize                                    Sieni Aumagamanaia & FanauBTh
43Atanoa Niuula Leilua Memorial PrizeGaluefa & Sara LeiluaStudy of the Synoptic GospelsBD-Hons
44Aputi Tiupita Memorial Prize                                       Alo & FanauBTh
45Maiava & Lepisi Valusu’i Lāsoo Memorial Prize               Maafala & Lalokava LimāStudy of Pauline LettersBD-Hons
46Mafutaga Tagata LMS Prize                                               Mafutaga Tagata LMSBTh
47Eperone & Mafa Futi Prize                                                               Eperone & Mafa FutiStudy of the WritingsBD-Hons
48Melepone & Tupe Isara PrizeMelepone & Tupe IsaraBTh
49Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeChristian WorshipBD-Hons
50Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeBTh
51Levesi Afutiti Memorial Prize                                             Sala Afutiti & FanauBiblical CriticismBD-Hons
52Keti & Moevanu Magalo Memorial PrizeTuto’atasi & Fetū To’alimaBTh
53Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeHebrew ReadingBD-Hons,BTh
54Vaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga PrizeVaitusi & Mile NofoaigaGreek ReadingBD-Hons,BTh
55Vagatai & Lusia Va’aelua PrizeVagatai & Lusia Va’aeluaTheological HermeneuticsBD-Hons,BTh
56Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeGospel & CultureBD-Hons,BTh
57Enoka & Susi Aperaamo PrizeEnoka & Susi AperaamoStudying a Synoptic Gospel: MarkBD-Hons,BTh
58Arthur, Sina & Jeremiah Wulf PrizeArthur, Sina & Jeremiah WulfOld Testament EcologyBD-Hons,BTh
59Samasoni & Malavai Alama PrizeSamasoni & Malavai AlamaIntroduction to Old Testament ThemesBD-Hons,BTh
60Filemoni & Alofa Crawley PrizeFilemoni & Alofa Crawley Leadership & Management in MinistryBD-Hons,BTh
61Muao & Tauvela Fagasua  PrizeMuao & Tauvela FagasuaNew Testament Worlds (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
62Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeCongregationalism (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
63Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeEcumenism (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
64Siaosi Ipiniu Memorial PrizeKara & Tuluiga Ipiniu & FanauHuman Equality & Dignity in Divine Economy (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
65Tunumoso & Susana Iosia PrizeTunumoso & Susana IosiaSermon ClassBD-Hons,BTh,DipTh
66Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeEcclesiology & EschatologyBD-Hons
67Galuefa & Sara Leilua PrizeGaluefa & Sara Leilua BTh
68Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
69Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegePatristicsBD-Hons
70Mafutaga Tagata LMS PrizeMafutaga Tagata LMSBTh
71Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
72Fiu & Faiupu Samuela-Gibbons Memorial Prize               Alo & FanauChristian EducationBD-Hons
73Foma’i Lafaialii Memorial Prize                                        Fausagafou Lafaialii & FanauBTh
74Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
75Sale Autagavaia Memorial Prize                                        Meresereisa Autagavaia & FanauPastoral Field Work Education       BD-Hons
76Ioritana Tanielu PrizeIoritana TanieluBTh
77Vagatai & Lusia Va’aelua PrizeVagatai & Lusia Va’aeluaDipTh
78Anesi Koria Memorial Prize                                               Alesana & Rita EteuatiGospel of JohnBD-Hons,BTh
79Keilani & Mere Tagoa’i Memorial PrizeMelani & Ailini KeilaniBTh
80Faletagaloa & Fitiuta Tavita Memorial PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaDipTh
81Viliamu & Vaotuua Leilua Prize                                                           Viliamu & Vaotuua LeiluaStudy of Revelation  BD-Hons
82Alesana & Rita Eteuati Prize                                               Alesana & Rita EteuatiBTh
83Seumaninoa & Neda Puaina PrizeSeumaninoa & Neda PuainaDipTh
84Leaso & Faafetai Tupa’i Prize                                                           Leaso & Faafetai Tupa’iStudy of the ProphetsBD-Hons
85Liki & Eseta Tiatia PrizeApela & Jesilia Ah HimBTh
86Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
87Samasoni & Malavai Moleli PrizeSamasoni & Malavai MoleliThe Book of PsalmsBD-Hons
88Faamatala & Malaē Aseta Memorial PrizeMalutafa & Josephine Faalili & FanauBTh
89Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
90Kolia Tovio Memorial PrizeTaipisia & Vaisola LeiluaSamoan ChristianityBD-Hons
91Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeBTh
92Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeDipTh
93Iosia & Orepa Evile PrizeIosia & Orepa EvileContextual Theologies (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
94Malua Theological College PrizeMalua Theological CollegeCCCS since Independence (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
95Filemoni & Alofa CrawleyFilemoni & Alofa CrawleyPastoral & Psychological response to Natural and Health related disasters (Elective)BD-Hons,BTh
96Oka & Sooletaua Fauolo Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauMinistry in a Changing SocietyBD-Hons
97Filemoni & Alofa Crawley PrizeFilemoni & Alofa CrawleyBTh
98Tuipoloa Samuelu Memorial Prize                                      Olive & Maria SamueluWorld Religions & EthicsBD-Hons
99Niulala & Loretta Kupa Prize Niulala & Loretta KupaBTh
100Tunumoso & Susana Iosia PrizeTunumoso & Susana IosiaPastoral Care & CounsellingBD-Hons
101Fosi, Latai Pala’amo & Fanau: Rowena, Norman, Papatiso Memorial Prize Alo & FanauBTh
102Siitia & Malele Asi Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauNew Testament Themes & our ContextsBD-Hons
103Ena Faamausili Collins Memorial PrizeVaitusi & Mile Nofoaiga BTh
104Te’o Eteuati Memorial PrizeAlesana & Rita EteuatiStudy of Jewish WritingsBD-Hons
105Silafaga Ah Him Memorial PrizeApela & Jesilia Ah HimBTh
106Pouniu & Aniva Faamausili Prize                                       Pouniu & Aniva FaamausiliHistory of IsraelBD-Hons
107Moreli Alama Memorial PrizeSamasoni & Malavai AlamaBTh
108Melepone & Tupe Isara PrizeMelepone & Tupe IsaraOld Testament Theology & our ContextsBD-Hons
109Faauliuli Fealofani Limā Memorial Prize                           Peletisala & Michiko LimāBTh
110Uilelea & Lalago Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauPacific ChristianityBD-Hons
111Vavae & Avai’a Toma Memorial Prize                                                                Visesio & Angharad SagaBTh
112Sanivā Ng Shiu Memorial Prize                                          Ruta Ng Shiu & FanauPacific TheologyBD-Hons
113Iosia & Orepa Evile PrizeIosia & Orepa EvileBTh
114Maafala & Lalokava Limā PrizeMaafala & Lalokava LimāChristian WorldsBTh
115Talia & Feiloaiga Tapaleao PrizeTalia & Feiloaiga TapaleaoTusiga a le Kolisi/College ThesisBD-Hons
116Risatisone Ete PrizeRisatisone EteBTh
117Kirisimasi & Meresereisa Amosa Memorial Prize                           Punaoleola Mua’itauA’oa’o alualu i luma le TaumafaiBD-Hons, BTh, DipTh
118Senetenari Toese Peleti Toailoa Prize (Faletua)Senetenari Toese Peleti ToailoaFaletua Galue Lelei & Tausaafia 
119Sarasopa & Aitaua Enari Memorial PrizeAlo & FanauA’oa’o Best All RoundBD-Hons, BTh, DipTh
120Kenape Tuuu Faletoese Memorial Prize                             Alo & FanauLauga a FaaiuasoBD-Hons, BTh, DipTh
121Lalokava Limā PrizeLalokava LimāTausaga 1: FALETUAFaletua
122Seuamuli Tā’ele Sapiō Tooala & late Vaoiva Tooala Prize                                      Seuamuli Tā’ele Sapiō TooalaTausaga 1: A’OA’OA’oa’o
123Taipisia & Vaisola Leilua PrizeTaipisia & Vaisola LeiluaTausaga 2: FALETUAFaletua
124Seumanufagai Autagavaia Faamasani Filo Memorial PrizeLalotoa Filo & FanauTausaga 2: A’O’A’O                         BTh
125Fiamalua (FFA) Memorial PrizeMana Lauina & FanauTausaga 2: A’O’A’O                         BD-Hons
126Samata Uili PrizeSamata UiliTausaga 3: FALETUAFaletua
127Muao & Tauvela Fagasua  PrizeMuao & Tauvela FagasuaTausaga 3: A’OA’O                  DipTh
128Paul & Taualogomai Gray Prize                                                           Paul & Taualogomai GrayTausaga 3: A’OA’O                BTh
129Oka & Sooletaua Fauolo Memorial Prize                                            Alo & FanauTausaga 3: A’OA’O                BD-Hons
130Eseta Sapolu Tiatia PrizeApela & Jesilia Ah HimTausaga 4: FALETUA      Faletua
131Sili & Malaea Perelini Memorial Prize                               Alo & FanauTausaga 4: A’OA’O        BTh
132Setefano Memorial Prize                                                     Leti Setefano & FanauTausaga 4: A’OA’OBD-Hons
 Faafetai le agalelei, faafetai lagolago i le Kolisi. Faamanuia tele le Atua!