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The College Library currently contains over 20,000 volumes.  The collection consists of books, journals, academic theses from overseas institutions (e.g. the Pacific Theological College, Otago University, Knox College, Melbourne College of Divinity, University of Edinburgh and other institutions), manuscripts and printed materials relating to the history of the CCCS. The Library also has a collection of theses and research papers prepared and submitted by Malua Theological College lecturers and students as part of their academic development. The Library is readily accessible to students, as well as to Ministers and the wider CCCS community, and the general public. Borrowing is available to College students and staff, and also to Ministers and anyone interested at the discretion of the College Chief Librarian. The Librarian and Staff are available for help and consultation during opening hours. There are two library assistants on duty to assist readers when the Library is open, during working hours and after-hours whenever necessary.  

Library Hours:

Monday – Wednesday: 8.30am – 1.30pm; [Monday only] 8.00pm – 10.30pm

Thursday: 10.00am – 1.30pm; 8.00pm – 10.30pm

Friday: 8.30am – 1.30pm


The MTC Library can be opened outside regular hours if there is a need, especially when due date of college theses draw near. Permission for such occasion must be firstly sought from the Principal and the Librarian. Other resources available in the MTC Library include the following: e-Book Readers for e-reading apps such as Logos Reader, Kindle, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Bible Study Version 6; printing, photocopying, scanning/digitizing and emailing digital documents; Online Religious Databases access to American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and Australasian Religion Index (ARI).


Outdoor facilities include a full playing field for soccer and touch rugby, a cricket field, two volleyball courts, a full tennis court which also contains a marked basketball court, and a walking track that encircles the College. There is also a fully-equipped gymnasium. Modern exercise machines in the gymnasium were donated by a College friend through the Third Year Student Class of 2017. Staff, students, spouses, and children are free to use all these facilities from Monday to Saturday, normally between 5.00pm and 6.30pm or early in the mornings of these days outside of any College programs. The exception is on Thursdays which is the College’s official Sports Day, where the games begin at 2.00 pm.

Notice Boards

The main notice boards for the MTC community are located in the Fale Mafutaga Hall and the Library. These notice boards are channels of communication from the Faculty to the students on campus. Students are encouraged to check them frequently for information on class timetables and possible changes, examination timetables for each term, lists of Sermon Classes, preaching rosters, housing, pastoral groups, sports’ teams, and any other notices. Students are allowed to display appropriate notifications on these boards. Other notice boards are available in the Staff Room and the College Office.


Pastoral care and counselling services are available for students and their families from the Principal, Vice-Principal, and Lecturers. These services are offered to students and their families and remain confidential between the staff member and the student/s, and may be referred onto others if deemed necessary. Personal challenges and any presenting issues will be dealt with respect and dignity throughout these sessions, with the aim of bringing about positive change and coping tools for students and their families.


The canteen provides most of the essential goods for students and staff. The purpose of proving this service is for the convenience of the students and staff to have a not-for profit grocery store on campus. For any profits that may result at the end of Term or annually at year-end, these blessings are used to improve the College in different ways. Goods are sold at relatively cheaper rates or equivalent to most grocery stores located outside of the College. Credit purchases are also available on strict pay-back terms. Items such as data/credit bundles for mobile cell phones cannot be purchased under the credit purchases scheme. The availability and thus the sale of alcohol are strictly forbidden at the College Canteen. 


One of the important and significant responsibilities of the women at the College involves the daily operation of the Malua Pre-School Kindergarten. Situated on campus, the Malua Pre-School Kindergarten is open from 8.00am to 12.00noon (Monday to Friday). This centre cares and educates children from three to five years of age. The ‘Malua Kindy’ (as the centre is sometimes known) is operated by qualified teachers who are either Lecturer’s wives or Students’ wives who are also members of the Malua Community. 
Parents are required to provide healthy lunches for their children although on certain days, food is prepared and provided for by the Malua Kindy staff to ensure that the children promote healthy living and eating habits.